About us

From excavators to medical tubing

Trygve Eriksson started his career in the construction contracting business when he was 19 years old with excavators and trucks. During the 1970´s he actively started investing in local businesses on the Åland Islands.

The different branches of business we have invested in during the years have varied from shipping, food casing and snacks to production of trucks, selling of stone and medical tubing. Our companies have been both local and international ones. Today our investments mostly lie within environmental technology, casing industry, medical technic and logistics financing as well as real estate and asset managing.

The branches we invest in are varied and we strive to create a balanced portfolio of business models, cycles and the development of markets. The common factor for all our investments is that they are specialized within their fields.

Our specialized industrial companies sell their products first and foremost to industries all over the world. Some of our products are global leaders within their specific field.