Creating value

Does you company meet our requirements?

Our philosophy includes investing in companies where we can be part of creating long-term value and actively participate in the development of the companies. We want to wholeheartedly take part in our investments. We provide not only capital but also contribute through active board work experience and knowledge. We have a wide network of contacts in Sweden and Finland with whom we cooperate.

Curiosity, the joy and the desire to develop companies are often as important to us as profit and return.

We invest primarily in businesses that have reached one of two levels of maturity. The first segment contains innovative expanding companies that have products or services ready for the market. The second consists of mature companies. We concentrate mainly on B2B companies.

The expected turnover should be at least 3 million Euro. We are particularly interested in companies within the environment, Medical technology and packaging fields.

We always invest for the long-term.